Declaration regarding the previous life of Bruno Gröning


Charlotte Adam, 21.5.1949
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Charlotte Adam, 05/21/1949

Today, 05/21/1949, Mrs. Charlotte Adam, Wickrath, Sandstraße 51, delivers the following declaration about Mr. Bruno Gröning:

I know Mr. Gröning since 1928 from Danzig, which is my hometown. Mr. Gröning has already at that time shown interest in spiritual matters and helped people and carried out healing. I have knowledge about 20 cases, which also were successful. I have been one of them.

In 1932, I caught a tonsillitis and I had two physicians to help me. The 1st physician was Dr. Hollatz, from Danzig-Langfuhr, Neuer Markt 12 und Dr. Hewilke, from Langfuhr. Mr. Bruno Gröning appeared in my room and stayed a while, gave me a piece of bread to eat, which I was not able to eat, however. Subsequently, he told my husband, tonight at 8 pm it will be decided. The next morning Dr. Hollatz appeared with the words: „A miracle has taken place here,!“ From this time on, I have no longer been suffering from any throat disease.

I can also give much evidence about, where Mr. Gröning has helped children, e.g.spinal paralysis and who couldn’t hear and see. In all cases it has worked. We and the people he had helped, were puzzled and are still today. Previously, we have racked our brains about, how this can be. My husband has worked with Mr. Gröning spiritually day and night to reach the goal.

In addition, Mr. Gröning has dealt with issues, not at all belonging to the point here. However, I still would like to mention them here. For instance he has dealt with radio receivers, cars. He hasn’t touched the radio receiver and it was switched off at his request. Radio tubes, really out of function, he has restored to work again.

Through the war we were separated. The last mail (of him) we received from a hospital (in) Kolberg in1944. From then on any trace of him was missing. We already thought he was dead. Suddenly, unexpectedly, May 18th,in 1949, I got hold of (a copy of) Westdeutsche Zeitung, where I stated, that the work of Bruno Gröning was not in vain, which he had carried out at the time, 18 years earlier. I didn’t want to believe it, though, and had sent my son Waldemar to Herford, who returned Friday, May 20th, 1949 and said, „You have to go there and visit uncle Bruno“, which I did immediately. The way he has saved my life, he definitely can help many thousand people whether (they are) poor or rich, it doesn’t matter. I owe Mr. Gröning the greatest thanks. Therefore, I ask from the bottom of my heart to give Mr. Bruno Gröning license to work.


Charlotte Adam


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