“It took five years of tough and toughest fights to”


Bruno Gröning, 1949
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After a careful study of the situation, it took five years of hard and toughest battles until I curled out my, our, enemies. There is actually no other enemy, not anyone that has not yet attacked me. All these have pelted me with their own dirt when I crossed their road. Nothing was left to me but to break that chain of the wicked. There was no chance of going back, only ahead and further, without getting tired. Now, I would like to describe briefly what I’ve experienced on that way.

Right since my childhood, I made the discovery that the good divine path was almost empty; actually, I met a good man only every now and then. This puzzled me alot. I went on and on and had to roam a wide forest track. Here I didn’t met any people, but a lot of animals, animals of all kinds. Initially, they were very anxious, which made me wonder too. Just now I’ve got the insight between good and evil. As time passed, I get a very clear picture. 

Nature, animals, myself and the people - everyone of them - I saw as a divine being on this Earth, which I also felt as divine.

At that very moment I acknowledged:   “God” and said to me: “God, how good it is to be with You, I will always remain here.” At home with my parents, as also with other people, it’s not so nice, not that quiet too. Most of the people are very angry. I want to stay here and I no longer need to be frightened of evil people. Then I realized that the animals too  dwell here in the forest because of evil people. It was not long since I felt at home there, better than with my parents, because in the forest I was not that alone. All of a sudden, the animals have lost all fear of me, they were very trusting, came to me, and I could pet them. I spoke to all of them. In short, they went along with me through the forest; we have understood each other very well and we became friends more and more.

So I spent a couple of days and nights in the woods, until somebody picked me up and brought me back to my parents. Here, I was beaten a lot with rough strokes and was locked in to a room also. I never cried because of the strokes, because I felt the blows rather than the pain, although the body was sometimes beaten blue and green. Anyway, it wasn’t long since I freed myself quickly and often from the captivity in my parental home.

The forest and my friends, the animals, were so strong that they always attracted me. Besides, while in the forest I often asked myself: Aren’t people your friends too? Yes. So, always why I do run away from people? And once more a realization: the animals fear evil in Man, but I am not afraid of it, because I am stronger than evil and I want to show to everyone that I am stronger. Even my body was so small, but here I’ve already felt that I am just stronger than all  human beings.

As of now, my body was about 2 ½ years old, I was drawn to the people who were oppressed by evil. Evil had grasped the body, and that’s what people called illness. Than again a thought came to me while I stood in front of a sick human body: Actually, the sickness vanished from the body of some animals when I silently whipered: “Dear little animal, you will soon have a healthy body,” and so it happened. And there is no difference at all with humans.” As soon as that thought was fixed by me, the human body was free of all burdens. 

So continually I was drawn directly to sick people, because in all flats and homes, where I suddenly appeared, there were ill people to whom I only said: “You’re no longer sick.” Or, if somebody was saying: “He’s going to die”, I briefly said: “No. He won’t die, absolutely not! He will be healthy!” I approached at every patient’s bedside very briefly, and, as I came closer to the ill one, I used to talk the mentioned words briefly and calmly, then I disappeared very quickly always after.

From this moment on the power of belief and realization evolved from the thoughts.  Belief took roots, has grown bigger and stronger so that today more than ever nobody is able to take it away from me. 

FREIE Arbeitsgemeinschaft BRUNO GRÖNING (ed.): The Gateway to the Path (Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim 1970) No. 06 \/ 07, p. 8