“My blood is the same as yours.”


Bruno Gröning, 1949
Copy (PDF)

As a person, I have the same blood as yours. If I cut myself while shaving, I bleed like every mortal human being. But yet I’ve suffered much more than most people.

I don’t need neither newspapers nor radio broadcasts. I could see anytime, inside my mind, things that nobody could see. You could even see my body and hear my voice - nevertheless sometimes I could be not inside my body. I could be not there, but elsewhere. My words are flowing naturally out of my mouth and my hands are moving in an effortless way, though. 

I am as frugal as very few people are. I slept a whole year long on the naked earth, naked myself too; I thirsted and starved. My body was only skin and bones. I rejected any medical or human help and followed our Lord God’s orders only. At the end of that year, I rose up and my body was healthy again. 

Please don’t be upset that I smoke while speaking the word “God”. Cigarettes are one of a few bestowments I give myself. Coffee I use like nourishment. But I will make an effort to refrain from smoking.

I do not want to be carried out to this world. I only want one thing: to heal people’s illnesses. I see this as my task and inner call. So far I’ve taken no money from anybody. As I am frugal, my friends will gladly give me what I need. 

I wear clothes just to be indiscernible from other people. If someone gave me some money, it was placed somewhere for me. I often give it to the poor. That’s what I did and I will do forever. I will never make a business out of my power. 

SCHMIDT, E. A.: The Miracle Healing of Bruno Gröning, Berlin, Falken, 1949, S. 20