On the occasion of the passing of Bruno Gröning


Anneliese Bollack, 1978
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My dear friends!

As the event around the passing of our friend and mentor Bruno Gröning is still incomprehensible even today, I never have written about it before. Perhaps, other friends experienced it in the same way as well. Nevertheless, I believe that we have a duty to report it. Even if we even today, do not yet understand what was going on at that time, those coming subsequent to us may perhaps be able to comprehend.

It was on January 26th 1959. At noon, 13.00 o’clock, it started with me. Suddenly I could not sit. All over my body I had pain. I've done everything to get rid of the pain, which I had learned in the years prior to this. As is known from my reports, the clutter has solely taken place in my head. On the body I had had nothing, I had always been free. Well, on this 26 January, my whole body hurt, not just the head. The pain radiated from the kidneys and went over the whole body. In my distress I went to bed, but even that did not help.

I could not lie, not sit and neither stand. So, I hopped around in bed like a maniac. My husband knows that I am indeed able to withstand some challenges. When he saw my distress, he came to the bed and took my hand. It gave me strength and peace, and I described to him what is wrong and that I cannot understand it. Shortly before 14.00 o’clock everything fell off me, and I was completely free again, could get up and do my job. However, it gave me no rest, because I did not understand what had happened, and so I decided to go to my former community leader, Mrs. Puchalka and described that to her. Perhaps, she had an explanation.

Then, on 01/27/1959 I went to see her by 2 o’clock. I told her what I had experienced the day before. She said, “Imagine Anneliese, I had also an experience with Bruno about the same time.” She was also private friends with Mr. Gröning and had a lot more personal contact with him than I. She visited him often at his home in Plochingen and travelled much with him. This is required to know in order to understand the experience.?She told me: Just about past 1 o’clock pm she had lain down on the couch and thought about what kind of flowers she should buy when she would go again to see Mr. Gröning. She had probably fallen asleep over it, and all at once she heard the voice of Bruno, who said: ?”To welcome mimosas and then blue and red carnations.” Bruno had grown ever larger and moved ever farther away, until he was up on the ceiling; then he had raised his finger and waved at her the way one waves at a child one wants to tell: Watch out, don’t do it! And then he had disappeared and she had awaked, and then it was a quarter to 2 o’clock. We still wondered about the blue carnations; up to that time none of us had ever seen blue carnations.

Then, I have been bitching yet a little, because I found her experience much nicer than mine. Who really likes raging pain? Seeing Bruno and hearing him talk, that's a different thing. That, I would have liked to experience. However, it bothered Mrs. Puchalka very much, that he had raised his finger and what he possibly meant by that.

She showed me an article in the tabloid ‘Bildzeitung’, which stated that Bruno was in a hospital in Paris. However, both of us have not believed that. Mrs. Puchalka had still been with Mr. Gröning on Christmas, and he had still been with us in November and gave a lecture. So, we did not believe a word.

All at once the telephone rang. This stood in the office room, and Mrs. Puchalka went over there. Suddenly, I heard she spoke with Mrs. Gröning. Then, I have gone over there instantly, because I thought that we hear about Bruno. Indeed, so it was. Initially, the welcoming of Mrs. Puchalka was full of joy, but when I entered through the door, I instantly saw on her face, which was without color and turning very long and narrow that: There's something wrong. She then also began to cry. The conversation was just brief. I led her back into the living room, and there, she told me then: Mrs. Gröning had called her from Paris to notify her that Bruno Gröning had passed away yesterday noon at a quarter to 2 pm. She didn’t want Doris to learn about this from the newspapers, therefore her phone call. Only someone knowing, what Bruno Gröning was for us, can fathom, what that has meant to us. I could not grasp that. Well, I had understood it, but not yet realized. Also, I was fully occupied with helping Mrs. Puchalka. For me it was much easier, apart from brief exceptions my connection was transferred to the spiritual field, and that continued, there was no separation, that I had learned from him, and in that I believed, and that gave me strength. What happened subsequently to this phone call, you cannot describe. Later, the knowledge about it sinks into oblivion, and it appears like a dream to you. My recollection is clear again, when Mrs. Puchalka said: “I am so glad,you are with me. But actually, today is not at all our day, and it is the first time that you have come out of turn.” Then, we realized that our experiences were exactly at the time before Bruno's passing away.

We recognized: Those experiences had a sense, but unfortunately which kind of sense we couldn’t recognize.

For the funeral, we went to Plochingen.Doris came in with red and blue carnations. I was speechless. She told me she had gone to the flower shop, and there she had seen blue carnations. The saleslady had told her that this was a new breeding.

So she had bought mimosas for Mrs. Gröning, and blue and red carnations for Bruno Gröning, as he had wished it. Everyone was surprised about these blue carnations and even more surprised as they heard that Bruno Gröning has said that. I also described to the friends my experience, which was though not nice, but even significant, as it happened in the hour before the passing away of Bruno Gröning and was the real impetus for me being with my friend and community leader Doris Puchalka, when she received the news about his passing away. Then all friends described their experiences. Everyone has experienced something before his passing away. Everyone experienced something different. We became aware of the fact, that his words “I am here and everywhere at once” are the truth.

I can still remember that Mrs. Anny Ebner von Eschenbach, then had an experience. After the funeral service in the church, we have gone with the urn to the cemetery. There, Anny Ebner von Eschenbach said, that Bruno would were saying to us that he were still with us, more than ever, and everything would continue. Perhaps friends, who were there also, still remember this. She then has described yet to us in the close circle of friends, how she came to acquire this message to us. However, I do not consider myself entitled to describe this here. Mrs. Gröning later told us in an interview that something extraordinary has happened with almost all friends during the hour before the passing away of Bruno Gröning.

What does Bruno Groening himself say about his passing away?”?

„To this, my God-given body I am bound. When I leave it behind one day, that will be the most wonderful hour of my life, because then, I am free and be here and everywhere all at once.”   ?

In Mannheim he has held a lecture on this subject only once. I was already healthy at the time, and so I have listened very attentively. Also hear, a relearning and rethinking was required. It started already at birth. He said: “When an individual is born, then everyone is happy, the opposite would be more correct. They would cry, at the arrival and be happy at the moment one may return home.” However, he indicated his understanding and said:”We don’t know better. Then it starts subsequently to birth. Granddad and Grandmom donate a bank book. The father instantly determines the school and work, and everyone is making plans, but nobody knows what is intended by God for this child of Mankind. The only thing we really know with 100% certainty that whenever someone has been born, that they don’t want to know that, that they push aside, that is not being talked about and neither being acknowledged. The only thing, one knows about this child, were, that it one day has to leave this Earth again. The individual goes back home again. That is called death. However, that were not so, but, that which was called death, just were a passageway. However, we no longer knew about that. Bruno Gröning said, he knew when he would leave this Earth, and he could write it down and deposit in a safe. However, he saw no point in doing this.   ?

We would not know the day and hour, and that were also good for us. He could bear it because he knew a little more than we do. Not much, but a wee tiny bit more. He told us yet: many a ones, who have so much conceit about their knowledge here, would learn wondering there. Many a one who has power here, over there is not much, and some of those teaching others here, are sitting at school there and are being taught themselves.   ?

How fortunate for each child of mankind, when they are allowed to already here start learning to understand and become aware of the spiritual. One can only congratulate everyone who starts and continues this way, no matter what rank he has here. I thank God that I was allowed to know Bruno Gröning and his teaching. It brought me much knowledge, insight and happiness.

He told us in this lecture yet: We must remind ourselves again who we are, again do what God has intended for us, why God has given us this life on earth and why He has given us this, our glorious bodies. We would have to re-learn paying attention to this divine gift and lead it righteous again, reminding ourselves who we are, turning fully, to whom we belong, return again to the divine guidance, trusting God again, then one day we would also receive the knowledge about where we belong and would no longer be afraid of death. We knew then that we go home and then are free.

Yes, dear friends, of these his words from this lecture, I have often had to think, whenever it was to say goodbye to a good friend, relative or dear acquaintance. First and foremost I have recalled everything, when he left with his body.  ?

“I am here and everywhere at once!” To these his words, I have clung. I have trusted in them and built upon them. I told myself: When I am calling now, he is always there right away. I did it, and it was true.


FREIE ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT BRUNO GRÖNING (Hrsg.): Das Tor zum Weg (Stephanskirchen bei Rosenheim 1978) No. 1, pg. 2-13