What's new? 2012


At 2012/12/21: Five translations of documents about Bruno Gröning have been integrated into column "Archive - Documents - Documents concerning Bruno Gröning".

At 2012/12/15: Under the heading "Archive - Miscellaneous" ten scanned decorative images with Christmas themes have been placed, which Bruno Gröning distributed since 1955 among the visitors present as part of the Christmas celebrations held by him.

At 2012/11/04: Two more translations of Bruno Gröning's lectures has been admitted into column "Archive - Talks - Texts of Talks by Bruno Gröning".

At 2012/03/30:
In the column "Bruno Gröning" is a photo gallery available with 150 pictures in ten categories about life and work of Bruno Gröning.

At 2012/01/23:
start of English-speaking area. There have been published 3 translations of lectures of Bruno Gröning under heading "Archive – talks –text versions of Bruno Gröning’s talks and addresses"