Experience Report J. E. Zieger


J. E. Zieger, Berlin-Lichterfelde, undated
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I am a forest ranger and live in the country side. The high-fat diet, which is customary on farms, but not tolerated well by the liver, often caused me great trouble. Over the years, I consulted with many doctors, including holistic practitioners, and also became hospitalized for six weeks for jaundice. The prognosis regarding a healing or improvement was simply nil.

Because my interest was stirred by the very factual series of reports that Dr. Horst Mann has given in the “Neues Blatt”, I contacted the office of Bruno Gröning in Plochingen on the Neckar per telephone and learned that I could hear him speak in Springe on the Deister (a river) on May 7, 1957.

I would like to note that I am not one of those people that is easily taken in by charlatans. I have experienced and seen much. I am 35 years old and am neither a religious zealot nor a church fanatic. However, I had kept my good and simple faith while serving as seaman during the war, working in a factory, in construction, being a forest worker and forest ranger, working in an office, and as sales person – even though there were times when my faith wanted to falter.

I experienced Bruno Gröning in Springe on May 7, 1957 when he spoke before approx. 400 people. It was a great experience to see him and to listen to his simple, short sentences.

He spoke about God, mankind, their errors and of the right path.

There was not a trace of diagnosis or advice on healing!!!

Anyone who opened his mouth to report on his affliction was severely admonished. He said, among other things:

“Don’t ever believe that Gröning treats that, which you call your illness. Whoever believes that builds on false hope. He must seek out trained professionals, board certified physicians. I have nothing to do with your illnesses. Sickness is disorder. Get right with yourself and with God, believe in the goodness of people, and be good to yourself, put things in order with God and stay clear of wickedness!”

It’s not entirely possible to repeat in a few words the simple, clear and unmistakeable words of Bruno Gröning without straying from the context, even though I remember everything very well. I experienced him in private the next day in the presence of a small group of close friends. We agreed to meet again in three days in Fahrdorf, located in Schleswig Holstein (Federal State in Germany). I experienced him there as well, listening to a long lecture, and attending a small, private group afterwards. Finally, I experienced him in Rendsburg.

I can report that my own experiences, which were not influenced by anyone, led me to my own unbiased conclusions. I spoke with many trustworthy people who had been declared medically incurable but who became well through the very simple and easy to understand message of faith, which changes people when they open their hearts.

And my chronic liver problem? It’s gone and remains gone as long as I don’t leave the path of God’s law! My chronic allergy (hay fever for about 20 years, recurring every June/July) was also totally gone. I never said anything to Gröning about my complaints the whole time I was with him.

There is so much more to say about Gröning and the various observations people made in their bodies during his lectures. However, it would be too much to tell everything here in this context. I only want to point out one other thing about the teachings of Bruno Gröning: I am and remain free of any illness as long as I don’t veer from God’s law. It is the same way that God and Christ prescribe. If I deviate, I will open myself to illness. I know that, because I experienced it about with the flu. The very first day, when the fever climbed, I remembered that I had not paid attention and that I had left the path. Within a few hours, and with repentance and prayer, I was able to chase the illness from my body without medication and a sweating cure.

I also would like to tell those people who let themselves be negatively and reversely influenced against Bruno Gröning by vicious reports of the press:

Gröning remained a simple person, and that accounts for much. He was devoid of fake, not given to rhetoric, unassuming, quiet and serious, even though he liked to laugh when in the company of friends and showed a sense of humour. Above all, what everyone immediately noticed was the total calmness that he exuded. Gröning had made great strides toward achieving purity and perfection.

He spoke with loving kindness and charity of those who persecuted and hated him, and with the same great kindness that exuded from him. It was an energy that transferred itself to others in a healing way. All in all, he did nothing different than what every pastor on the pulpit should do, namely pray for others. Gröning did that. And he had a special power. He felt love for people, animals, and plants. He was humble. These, aside from being without sin, were but landmarks on the long way to perfection, a pre-ordained goal that only a Jesus Christ was able to reach.

If we take the first steps on this path, we will arrive at insights and perhaps certain abilities. The more we move fearlessly ahead, the more insights and abilities will we acquire. Yes, they will replace a thousand fold all earthly things we left behind, such as luck, fortune, career, fame, etc. If keep our sight on reaching the highest potential of development into the greater good, which lies beyond the edge of our understanding, we will have advanced to the level of Christ. Jesus could walk on water and command wind and waves, make blind people see and wake the dead. Yes, those are and remain miracles, but they lie waiting at the end of a natural development of following the order of God. That is God’s law and will remain thus.

Gröning walked that lonely road. He was one of those who is at times a gift to this earth, and we should be grateful for it. He was one of those people who carried in part the embodiment of Jesus Christ within himself for the betterment of suffering people. He belonged to the few people who knew their mission in life , their purpose, and to do good.

May these words convey the total truth, help many people, and lead them to goodness. May they also in part convey my gratitude for one of the Greats of mankind!


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