Alfred Hosp, January 1961
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This is the second anniversary of the day that Bruno Gröning left his earthly body. But for many Friends it has even been several months longer that they were able to greet him for the last time. We should not forget his work on earth and keep remembering as much as possible the eventful hours we spent in his presence. Mostly we should remember his words, which, as he so pointedly said, were to accompany us on our path. No one had an inkling during one of his last speeches how long the way would be and how long his words would have to remain in our memories so that they could serve as a secure anchor and a light in the darkness of today’s confusion of the soul, a light that allows us without fail to recognize the abyss that threatens us.

Let us all once again visualize and experience an instructive meeting with Bruno Gröning.

An expectant and jubilant atmosphere settles on the room. Bruno Gröning had entered it with soft, nearly inaudible, springy steps. He now stands quietly before the crowd with crossed arms and in the momentary stillness assesses everyone present as his blue eyes glide intensely to those present. He looks into the innermost heart of the people, many of which have come a long way to hear his presentation. He sees their worries and suffering, their doubts born of ignorance of the emotional-spiritual connection and its manifestation, and sees the many unanswered questions in their hearts that everyone has brought with them. As so often, all of it weighs heavily on each of them. No muscle in his sun-burned face seemed to move - yet, despite the high concentration, his body appeared relaxed and calm.

Then he begins to speak, and what he says in the course of his presentation gives credence to the fact that he, indeed, during the initial moments of stillness explored the innermost heart of each person. In his flowing remarks, he gives answers to all unspoken questions. They were so skilful woven into the presentation that only the person concerned knew why Bruno Gröning chose to mention that particular problem. So I was able to experience at the end of a particular presentation that many people said in amazement, “For a long time, I’ve been quietly wondering exactly about that what Mr. Gröning explained today. And now I have received the correct answer. How did he know t h a t?” Almost everyone in the group made this observation; and I, too, realized that there were no secrets that Bruno Gröning did not know about. He usually spoke for several hours. Although every word, every sentence was of importance, I will note here the most important points:

He began, “Dear Friends, I am pleased that I have been given the opportunity again today to talk to you. I know that many of you wish to hear and see me more often. But you must understand that other Friends are also waiting for me in other places. Therefore I have to manage my time so that I can share it with everyone else. Don’t take my physical presence as so important but take my words and advice to heart and practice them in your day-to-day lives. We are experiencing here only one hour of instruction, but it is necessary to practice what is learned. That is why I am asking you now: Did you do whatever I have told you at our last meeting? Did you adhere to the Good daily, or has Evil still kept the upper hand? Who of you can say that he has taken my admonishments to heart and paid attention to them every second of the day in every situation?”

With these words, Bruno gazed intensely at the gathering but received no answer. And so he continued, “So you see, dear Friends, that it is of no use if you look forward to us being together in order to merely listen to what I have to say because you find it interesting. And if you make some kind of a mistake in my absence, you think to yourself, ‘It doesn’t matter. I will ask Gröning, and he will give me advice again how to fix it.’ No, dear Friends, this is not how it is done. You finally need to learn to stand on your own feet! It’s the same as being in school:

The teacher instructs the children, so that they can become responsible people and be able to withstand the demands of life. What would become of the teacher if throughout his life his previous students were to heap all blame on him? You see, this is the case with you and me. I must speak quite frankly about this: You must not cling so tightly to me. You must not only wait for my return but follow my advice as you live your daily life, because I am unimportant. You are the important ones! That which you address as Bruno Gröning is only my body, a tool that enables me to make myself understood. Although it’s created by God, and therefore divine, just as your own body is, I have to take care of it just like everyone else. The body is, and will remain, the tool of the Spirit.

And because of this, my body, I am able to confer on you what God has to say to people.

It is time for you to sense for yourselves what is Good and what is Evil. Don’t always doubt the Good and don’t let Evil into your body. You see, dear Friends, you must continue to stand up for Good, even when this, my body, is no more...Did you understand me? Are you connected with the Good to such extent that nothing can pull you off that path? Then everything is allright, and I am satisfied and at peace. But as long as you are undecided and vacillate and need to be admonished by me and by my own words, you won’t be able to help and support me to do God’s work. You should form a community of people who will actively pursue and further this work and who will keep the promises they have given me. You don’t know yet how lucky you are to be able to live in a community of like-minded people. Up to now, every one of you had to fend for yourself. You were upset when someone wronged you, and you did not know how to protect yourself against it. Now you have a better handle on things, and are certain about things that in the past you had only suspected to be true. Because of this, you have separated yourself from the apathetic masses. The time has come when people have to make a decision to follow their inner calling. Dear Friends, what you are experiencing today is not even the beginning of what is to come, because the thoughts that people have been exposed to and taken in throughout the course of generations are eager to be acted out! I must say in all seriousness that Evil is prevalent today and that people are simply accepting it. They consider the unnatural to be natural and don’t have the courage to say, ´I want to follow God’s way because I have heard and recognized the truth. I don’t feel comfortable where there’s fighting or where someone is slandered, where hate, avarice and greed rule, where impatience and discontent rob our God-ordained Good and health.´

Dear Friends, why are you feeling so comfortable in my presence? Why is it that I can stand by you and give you advice and help? It’s only because I am convinced of the Divine and trust in the Good for you. I pray for you as long as you cannot pray for yourselves with all your heart and without the knowledge of h o w a prayer will help.

Some of you wish to bring comfort and strength to your loved ones and would, in a manner of speaking, sacrifice yourselves for them.

But whoever would want to effectively help must himself become strong in faith and take on much Divine energy so that his own body will find the right balance.

It is only then, when your body receives more Divine energy than it requires for its own maintenance, that you can help others. Take a motor for example: It will only operate if the energy allotted is greater than the internal friction. You also can learn something else about a motor: It will only function if you supply it with continuous energy. In this way you must energize yourselves with Divine energy, not only in these few short hours, but daily. My personal presence is not at all required for that. You only need to know, how to adjust yourselves, to be open to receive God-Spirit energy, to be convinced of Good and to trust God in your lives and live accordingly.

I said from the beginning: A person must be aware of his body every second and step away from Evil. Let us think of the consequences that an unjust word can have, which can hurt an innocent person, or of a mindless action, which cannot be undone. Is it so difficult for people to show each other love and understanding? Why do even those who want to be good make these mistakes? It’s only because they forget themselves momentarily. Evil, then, quickly takes hold, and they act with anger and excitement. They then believe that they have a right to indignation and accusation. If truth be told, they would make better decisions through use of calm and clear thought processes and would experience a better outcome. In the stillness and calm reflection of one´s Being, a person will always remain under the precious guidance of God. But even in the course of daily life one will achieve balance only through intake of Divine energy. Because to be nervous is to lose energy; and that, which one has achieved during several months by use of good intentions can be lost in one second.”

While Bruno Gröning is slowly pacing back and forth, he continues his teachings: “I would like to draw your attention now to an example of inattentiveness. Let’s say you are not paying attention while you cross the street. Your body steps automatically off the curb, just as a car is passing in front of you. And suddenly you are in an accident. Even that is a work of Evil.

Dear Friends, I am convinced that you have understood me today and that you will judge your lives differently from now on. And I reiterate once again: You are important! You are allowed to be egotistical in this respect. If you use your ego for Good and for Order, you will be able to help your fellow beings later on. Don’t take the little Gröning so important. He only shows you the way. But one day you must be able to walk this way securely and consciously without him...”

It´s been more than two years now that Bruno Gröning spoke these urgent words to us. What have we experienced since then? How did we follow his teachings? Have our experiences brought us to a firm and undeniable conviction that one always receives help as long as one stands for Good and that we owe much gratitude to our friend and helper? Or has life, in general, or Evil and doubts about your fellow human beings brought you to waver? Do you get nostalgic when you remember the time when Bruno Gröning was with us or only think of it as being a nice memory? During the last two years, every one of us needed to prove whether he understood what Bruno Gröning had to say. Did he translate it into action, thereby walking the way of God, or had he then been merely an interested but passive listener. Every one must look into his heart and account for his action on this, the second anniversary of Bruno Gröning’s call to go home, and decide whether he would be able to withstand his inquiring gaze without wavering if he were to appear before him in the present.

Alfred Hosp


Archive of the Institute of “Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene” (Border areas of psychology and mental hygiene) e. V. Freiburg i. Br., Vol. 20/16. Signature: 004,a