Two will not appeal


W. Sch., 1960
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In 19.. at Christmas I was in Thuringia in X (East Germany) ... to visit my hometown. Just previously I had experienced Bruno Gröning in a lecture. Now, in a circle of friends, I told them about and of the miraculous healings. They had not heard of Bruno Gröning before and listened open minded to my reports. I the Eastern zone they were all so hungry for spiritual food. In addition, many of them were sick and there was a great shortage of doctors. So some friends asked me if I wouldn’t act for them to Bruno Gröning for help as a mediator. In my story, they’ve learned that it was not necessary to be physically present, that cures itself took place across the ocean, the so-called distant healing. So I made a list of seventeen names and asked them, to tell me if they should perceive any changes at their bodies in the near future.

Having returned at the 9th of January, I had the luck for instance, to meet Bruno Gröning in a private circle, and was allowed to be with him after the lecture, so I put forward my request.

He took the folded list out of my hand, put it on the table and placed his hand on it, just before I stated to him the individual names. After about five minutes of silence and concentration he said: “Two of them are unresponsive. Remember the time!” Then he placed his signature on the back of the sheet with the date and time. It was the 9th of January 19.., 1:35 am. He gave me seventeen silver tinfoil balls, which I sent immediately to the petitioners, together with his greetings and best wishes.

Nearly a week later the letters arrived. In addition to reports of sudden cures for heart and nervous symptoms a particularly serious case of an eleven-year-old boy was among them. He suffered from bone tuberculosis on his leg. On 9th January 19.., during the noticed hour, he suddenly had a kind of a Scarlet attack with a high fever, which disappeared after three days and the leg healed up. He became perfectly healthy, although the doctors took away any hope from him. They even wanted to amputate the leg. Another lady had severe headaches always. Then a strong nosebleed came up and the headache disappeared forever.

At the next opportunity I reported the letters to Bruno Gröning. He asked to hand them out to him for his archives as evidence and confirmation.

And it was true that two persons gave me of no response or report ...

(Sgd.) W. Sch. in T., ... st. 33


Josette Gröning (eds.). The mental and spiritual healer (Denkendorf bei Plochingen / Neckar 1960) No. 9, pg 139-140