He knew about his hour of death


Anny Baroness Ebner von Eschenbach, 1960
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At 26th of December 1958. it happened four weeks before the passing of Bruno Gröning – there was a small circle of friends took place at his home.

Bruno Gröning sat on a chair and we talked together. Suddenly he said: “Friends, if I won’t be with you anymore, so I will be with you in spirit!”

We thought, that he would go to America, because we knew that at the same time the running appealing process would bring him the verdict decision.

After a certain time Bruno Gröning said: “Friends, now I ask everyone of you, would you be able to relinquish of all, even of life?”

Everybody said no but he said then: “I can do it!”

A little time later he said: “For a short time you have to work now without me!”

When we wanted to depart with the car, Bruno stepped before the car and made three crosses in front of the hood.

Later a thought came to us that the reason for this farewell had another reason; we anticipated that he would leave us to a place much more far away than America.

Often Bruno Gröning said in his lectures:

“Don’t be afraid of death, death is my best friend – and he is your friend as well. My most beautiful day in life will be, when I may leave off from this body...”

When I was going to experience again a big infamy about Bruno Gröning through a dirty newspaper article, I was very sad and said to Bruno: “It’s so hard to live on this earth; one could have the only wish to leave it as soon as possible.”

Bruno looked at me very seriously and replied: “Once I have defamed God as well when I said, O God, why did you sent me on to this terrible earth? – But we have to put the goodness into action!”

He took my hand and said: “Anny, don’t lose hope, take an example at me, I have to wade through so much dirt and have to connect the people to God again. Otherwise I would have a comfortable life, I could be the richest man – but then one of the poorest!”

At 16th of April 1956 Bruno Gröning was giving a lecture in Bad Tölz. Very soon at the beginning of his words he went down to a Gentleman and said the following: “No, don’t be afraid, you won’t die yet, I even will leave this earth before you.”

This Gentleman is living still today – and Bruno Gröning really has left this earth already.

In the year 1954 Bruno Gröning said to me: “As a healer I’m only short in this body on Earth. But I come back – but then I’m different!”

As I asked: “How do we recognize you?”, he answered: “Let your heart talk and watch out for the signs!”

Now I wanted to know if I would witness that, but before I could speak out loud, he drove his hand from my nose to my chin, and I was not able to get out a word. It was a sign to me that it was not important for me to know.


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