Experiences with Bruno Gröning


Anny Baroness Ebner von Eschenbach 1960
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In the year 1954 I drove to Bruno Gröning from Munich to Grafrath (a little town in Germany) together with a Franciscan Padre after an earlier request. The relatives of this monk have asked me to make the connection and to make sure, that this Padre wouldn't notice something about suffering from this incurable illness. He suffered on a Cerebral Tumor which was inoperable, couldn't be removed through an operation. He was in a constant danger of his life, but nobody had told him about.

In the train to Grafrath he sat in front of me very pale on his face. He was tall, a very handsome appearance of appr. 40 years old. He had lived a long time as a mission-ary in Africa. He suffered from disturbances of his consciousness and from constantly painful headaches.

In Grafrath Mrs. Josette Gröning picked us up in a car. In his home then Bruno Grö-ning welcomed us warmly with a cup of coffee. Approaching the house Bruno Grö-ning lived (which was not his own property) I had noticed that the Padre's face was covered with a light flashing red colour. When he was seated finally in the workroom of Bruno Gröning in a big armchair, he brought out in sweat and suddenly his eyes started to shine much brighter.

He was very inspired and attended intensely to the conversation with Bruno Gröning. He told him about his activity as a missionary in Africa and about his experiences with indigenous medicine men, how they heal their sick ones with operations reaching partly into the area of spiritual healing. Some European doctor could learn from them, the Padre said.

When the conversation came to the point of life in a convent, Bruno Gröning said: "Once I wanted to take the veil in a monastery too, because I thought there I would get more support and protection into my task of helping people. But I would have to submit to the rules of the convent, and it would have been highly doubtful, if I would have got enough time to get close to many ill people."

Then the Padre said: " No, in a convent you are very bound to it's rules. The day is exactly scaled and you are very subjected to the opinions of your superior."

Suddenly the Padre saw on a cupboard a big Silver Ball (from tinfoil) standing with a cross on it.

The Padre asked: "What a beautiful big ball you have there with a cross on it; but what does the cross mean above it?"

"That's the sin of the world", was the answer. Baffled the Padre looked to Bruno Grö-ning.

"Yes, the greatest Friend of Man was killed with it!"

After thinking for a while about these words the Padre said:

"From this point of view I’ve never considered it. But you are right! It's really a SHAME for whole humankind! And I am sure, nowadays they would do it again, of course with different means!"

"Yes, today they put them under "paragraph 51" in Germany (a paragraph for insane people) or they make life for them so difficult, that they leave the country.“

During the conversation Bruno Gröning asked the padre always again: „What do you feel? Tell me what’s going on within you!“

The padre explained how well he feels, like a new born man. The first time since two years he has no headaches anymore! He would like to go back to Africa at once.

Bruno Gröning handed over to him a little tinfoil ball with the words:

„Take in the Divine Power daily with it and recreate your body! There has something to be renewed that was in strong disorder. There can appear some pains of – as I say: “Regulation”. But never you should be afraid if it, at the contrary: you should enjoy when new life is coming in. Everything will be bent into shapes and that hurts sometimes. Don’t storm out at once, but you have got a wonderful chance during your prayer to surrender totally to Divine Power in your silent cell!”

"So I will get a chance to deliver from my illness? There is so much work to do in fu-ture!"

"YOUR illness? That’s completely WRONG! Illness doesn't belong to a human being. God created and creates a healthy body, but what people are doing with it, how they are thinking and what they want, this creates disorder and deliver them to Satan. Who is always dealing with sickness, hold it tight and blocks the path to Divine Forces. It is so important, which kind of thoughts man takes up, for thoughts are forces! When man wants good, God will help him, when he wants bad, Satan will help him! Then illness is coming, because it's a work of Satan.

Nowadays people are so much delivered to Satan and they are so far away from God! I want to guide them back to GOD, but it’s very difficult to move them to return!"

"Yes", the Padre said, "I can tell you a thing or two about it, our world is in a terribly state, but you are able to give an evidence of Divine Forces to human beings – this I’ve got to feel so wonderfully today.

This is something what our Church is missing today. With us are many nice words but no power behind."

Then Bruno Gröning said: "You too can pass the Divine Force to others, if you are tuning in for it, I will help you then!"

At evening, as the Padre had to leave to his convent, we left Bruno Gröning. Without pains, like a young man he felt, full of energy, the Padre drove back to Munich. The doctors wondered when they heard about the almost declared dead Padre speaking now on great lecture tours.

When I met this Padre after one year on such a lecture, he welcomed me warmly after finishing and called full of joy:

"Please greet my great friend Bruno Gröning!"

Afterwards, as I brought the greetings to Bruno Gröning, he said: “Please greet him back, and tell him, he shouldn't overload his body, because a once broken string doesn't has to be overstretched. Slowly it has to come into a new order again”


Josette Gröning (Publ.): The mental-spiritual healer (Denkendorf at Plochingen/Neckar 1960) No. 4, Page 48-50