The Mission of Bruno Gröning


Josette Gröning, 1959-06-07
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Lecture on the occasion of a spiritualist conference, Munich-Grünwald

Already during his lifetime a perceptible dispute about Bruno Gröning very often has occurred in public. The pros and cons have left major and minor shadows in the minds of individuals, so the fewest could see who he actually was in reality. Shadows you cannot wipe out easily, not so easily be removed in the non-violent sense, because always, the pros and cons may occur. Many have Bruno Gröning known well, however, the fewest have recognized him inwardly. They just wanted to be cured, and they would have gone immediately to each x-any new healer; consequently, would have replaced the healer and given it no thoughts of heart.

That individuals hope for healing, is good, as long as they do not depend on the healers and suck life force from them. They can also go to any healer, but they should think about it with the heart, that through each healer is passing the “IT”, the divine power, the power of health, because the disease is the evil.

Bruno Gröning has repeatedly emphasized that one should not direct the thoughts to the body, but to the “IT”, to the divine power, to the health and the wealth of health. Health is indeed a priceless wealth. However, health, if it is genuine, is also the omnipotence of God, which can realize itself in all individual persons if they completely open themselves and absorb the “IT” in themselves ... Bruno Gröning was not educated in the sense of scientific perception, like a professor or a physician. He neither wanted to be it, because he would not have been able to demonstrate the real and true power of God.

Many sick individuals think themselves too much into the very diseases, they hold mentally on to their disease. As Bruno Gröning said: “They are sitting on the disease.” His work and action aimed primarily at dissuading individuals from their thoughts about the disease – that is, evil. He repeatedly emphasized to have neither anxiety nor fear, all these thoughts keep the disease – evil – fixed, and the healing divine power cannot be absorbed by the help seekers, cannot spread within them. Unconsciously, the individuals shield themselves by such thoughts against the healing current. In order to receive the same as strongly as possible, it is necessary preferably to turn off self-radiation, that is, all self-willed, selfish and disturbing thoughts. In order to be partakers of divine grace, the soul must open itself to the Divine with grateful faith.

We must become as little children, to be able to receive the divine good. Not immature and without responsibility, but without guilt, without envy, hatred, and without cupidity for worldly power, earthly possessions and pleasures. Repeatedly we find with Bruno Gröning the religious demand pronounced that mankind must switch off their EGO and forget, that only in the faithful, good and truth facing soul the divine can emerge in Revelation.

Experience has shown in numerous cases that the meek ones, who humbly and reverently left their destiny and healing to God’s ordinance, received the healing current the strongest and thus, attained the complete healing. Those, however, who proudly, self-importantly and commandingly demanded healing, prevented the inflow of the higher force through their selfish will, and were only to a very limited degree in the position to achieve their healing. In view of this importance of the state of mind, the words of Bruno Gröning are to understand, when he kept saying: “Do not require, but acquire”

Bruno Gröning definitely could not and was, of course, not allowed to say everything he knew, since he spoke to people from all circles of the population, and also to very simple individuals, and they could understand him only by means of simple language, namely by the language of the heart. He was a signpost. If he, then, brought any parables to their awareness, it could definitely occur that these images sometimes by others have been referred to as “illogical”. Most of the time it were those contemporaries who believed about themselves they were standing exalted above the knowledge of Bruno Gröning, thus, intellectually sophisticated. Those, who were filled more with the academic spirit than with the spirit of God, and who first and foremost were the obvious enemies. He had to overcome enough of this sort during his work. He had (oth friends and enemies.

Sometimes – while he had a lot to do and needed to do – individuals occurred at his side, who allegedly wanted to support him, also so called “managers”, who were dominated by organization thoughts. They were for the most part also attracted by thoughts about money and success. Thus, already during their approach they were completely on the wrong track. However, since Bruno Gröning towards no one made any violent decision, but acted nonviolently, radiated patience, he did not reject them, but over and over again tried to bring also these individuals on the correct path through his example and work. So, he walked his path, the road of his mission to help sick people. This goal always was in the foreground. Bruno Gröning also was able to expose individuals in a non-violent way, which nevertheless produced effects so that some of them turned hostile against him. Individuals consequently can endure the truth not at all or very hardly, they want to avoid the truth, they want to walk the broad way and not the narrow path of service, of any renunciation, of patience, of kindness, of mercy, of divine love, and of the everlasting will to help.

While Bruno Gröning, thus, always wanted to be there for mankind, much injustice was inflicted on him. The envy against him was immeasurable large. The newspapers published large reports against him, others wrote in favor of him. At the appearance of false reports he was silent, and also practiced no violence. His meekness was admirable. He fulfilled his mission by helping the indivi-duals until shortly before his death. He knew exactly, when his time was up. And miracles happened almost to the end, which still are no miracles.

In the press it was reported, for example, that he had died as a result of throat cancer. There was claimed still much more, but just not the right thing. In reality, it has been true as the following: Until his last hour Bruno Gröning has carried the sufferings, the diseases, the hardships and also the sins and debts of other individuals. His pathway was a pathway of earthly crucifixion. But generally he didn’t speak about that. He said to the invalids: “Give me your disease.” And thereby, he talked of seemingly irrelevant things to distract the concentration of these Individuals from him, so that he could take the disease off them.

Thus, in the genuine Christian sense, he carried a large part of the darkness, which has spread throughout the diseaseinfected world. His goiter was not a goiter in the usual sense, but rather an enrichment of strong healing powers. He has never undergone a goiter operation. He served as a healer of mankind and therefore it is wrong, when it is claimed that he died of a real cancer. What he has absorbed and carried from others, has caused a change in his organism, it produced an inward combustion. This condition even made the doctors speechless, for he had no pain, could eat, give lectures. You couldn’t sense anything at all, at a time when the doctors referred to him already as a terminally ill individual. These doctors were friends of Bruno Gröning’s since many years. And he permitted these two Parisian friends to examine him to leave to the world documentary filed items about his real condition. These documents are in my possession. Only during the last three days before his passing Bruno Gröning was bedridden, and he passed into eternity perfectly calm and peaceful. That happened exactly at that moment, where mankind obviously would have succeeded in preventing him in fulfilling his divine mandate. On January 22nd 1959, four days before his transition, the court case, vitally important for Bruno Gröning was completed in Munich. The prosecutor again demanded a sentence of imprisonment.

It is already today ascertainable, that the divine power, which he has brought in again to the earth, to which he in turn opened the door – he often said: “This force and teaching is not new, it is ancient” – and continues to work to a greater extent. This force has not become weaker, because there is a continuation of life after death. Even if Bruno Gröning no longer remains among mankind physically, so to a heightened extent, emotionally and mentally, as the servant of health, as servant of God, as a mediator for the divine healing power. It is, thus, not absolutely necessary to seeing him physically, because, if one adapts to God, to the divine healing power, then Bruno Gröning as a servant can in fact to a far greater extent continuously direct this force at the friends as well as at the foreigners!

Individuals should, therefore, adjust themselves to the divine current. They should absorb it in their hearts; Bruno Gröning will be one of the invisible helpers and mediators. From the heavenly gate, one will be permitted to perceive God’s help increasingly stronger.

The work of Bruno Gröning will of course being continued. On Whit Monday, the “Free Association Bruno Gröning”[1] was founded. It is to serve a conscientious evaluation of the experiences of Bruno Gröning, and moreover prepare other important ways. What once has been begun, now must be made accessible in new shape both in speech and writing for mankind. Bruno Gröning shall not go down in history as a charlatan, but as a spiritual healer. Anyone who wants to help with the divine teachings, which Bruno Gröning has given us and whoever wants to continuously to communicate, remain connected, or whoever wants to come, may contact the office of the “Free Association Bruno Gröning.” The work continues under the motto, which Bruno Gröning repeatedly has highlighted:




[1] The Free Association Bruno Gröning was founded on May 18th, 1959, on the initiative of Erich Bavay. The Association was to serve as an alternative to the Association for the Promotion of mental-spiritual and natural foundations of life in Germany Reg(istered) Assoc(iation). Today, the Free Association no longer exists.


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