Mrs. T. in H. tells about her connection to Bruno Gröning


T., H., 1963
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In the year of 19.., I was very sick and in the care of physicians. I was an in-patient in a clinic in B. I had been suffering from symptoms of severe rheuma, from a weakened heart muscle, and low blood pressure. No one doctor nor countless injections were able to help me or offer relief. The opposite was true. The condition became worse and the pain became increasingly unbearable.

Just as I was giving up all hope, I received a visit from a female acquaintance who showed interest in my condition. After I related my various unsuccessful visits to doctors and specialists, she asked me, “What do you think of Bruno Gröning?” I responded, “Not much!”

My husband, who had followed the conversation, interrupted and said, “Is it not possible to meet the man? Could we not give him a try  since we already have tried so many other things? Spiritual powers do exist. Let's see whether he has such spiritual powers!”

Right then, the woman gave me a small ball of foil and said, “Gröning has just deposited me at your door. He was in B. with an acquaintance When I told him that you were so sick, he took this little ball of foil and gave it to me for you with his best wishes for health.”

I was filled with consternation and said, “What am I supposed to do with this little ball?” The woman said, “Take it with you to bed tonight and concentrate on Gröning.”

She gave me hope, and I felt a sense of excitement. As I lay in bed, holding the little ball in my hand, I felt an inner assurance that Gröning would help me. I felt a calm relaxation, and the usual (physcial) attacks remained absent. I felt something like an electrical current going through my left leg. That repeated itself several times. I pondered what the cause for it might be but could come up with no explanation.

I now had only one wish, namely, for Gröning to pay us a personal visit.  Two days later, this wish was granted. Bruno Gröning came to us, accompanied by another man. I met him at his car parked in front of my door.

He greeted me with the words, “Well, we know each other already.”

I responded, “No, we've never seen each other before!”

He answered: “I greeted you in the garden, and you are better, aren't you?” At first, I didn't understand what he meant. But then I remembered that I had rested earlier in the garden with the little ball. I also felt better. I was calm and had slept through the whole night. It was something that I hadn't done in a long while.

Our conversations continued until 5 a.m., and I felt no tiredness. In addition, I was totally free of pain. Because my physical body had been depleted of nutrients, Bruno Gröning gave me examples of how to conquer those effects through use of spiritual principles. We all finally rested until 8 a.m. When we gathered for breakfast, Gröning was very quiet. He ate nothing, just as he had not eaten anything the previous evening. He put the breakfast egg into the pocket of his trousers. At five minutes before eleven, Gröning took me by the hand and placed me right into the outlines of his footprints with the words, “Stand real still and only speak to me when you feel something in your body, something that you have never felt before.” I kept real still and paid attention to what was going on inside of me. About 20 minutes later, an electrical current hit me. It rose from the legs and travelled through my whole body. I remained rooted in place, unable to lift a leg. I felt as though a strong magnet kept me in place. Excitedly I asked, “What is this? What are you doing to me?”

Gröning responded quietly, “Remain very still and let 'It'  do the work.

After this wave-like electrical current had made several passes, Gröning waved his hand upwards - and I was suddenly free. I (my whole body) felt loose and supple, whereas before, I had been unable to turn my head. A brand new feeling came over me, and I felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted.

The experience affected me in such a way that I, from that moment on, felt a change in my inner being, and thereby became a totally different person!

Gröning told me, “This power, which you have just experienced, is accessible to you any time you wish. You can ask it to come to you. Only, you must be real calm on the inside. You will experience a strong reaction, a re-balancing that will last about three weeks. Because your body has been so depleted, it needs time to re-build itself. The power needs to rebuild everything within you!”

As he took leave, Bruno Gröning gave me the breakfast egg, which he had placed in his pocket, and said these words, “Eat this egg five minutes before two o'clock sharp, and watch what will happen. Wherever in your body something makes itself known felt, Evil resides.”

With that, he once again drove away.

I ate the egg at the exactly minute I was told to eat and proceeded with taking a walk with a female acquaintance. About an hour later, I suddenly came down with a terrible colic-like pain in my abdomen. I couldn't continue with the walk and had to lie down in the grass.

I thought that this was the end of me. But after approximately ten minutes, the pain suddenly stopped, just as it had come. I arrived at the house totally exhausted. I lay down; and once again, electrical currents ran through me. Taking the advice of Bruno Gröning, I withdrew from all human contact so that I would not be affected by my surroundings.

Soon after, I once again took a walk with the lady who also had contact with Bruno Gröning and who had been impressed by his effective healing works. Suddenly the old nerve pains returned with a vengeance and took hold of certain areas in the body, especially the abdomen and the breasts. The feet swelled and were not only blood-red but also stiff. They seemed to double in size and swell up over my shoes. I sat down on a small retaining wall and waited approximately 15 minutes until everything stopped and I was able to walk again. For three weeks after, I had severe nerve pain, even in the places I did not have pain before.

After this event, Bruno Gröning suddenly appeared at our door without having been called. He said, “I knew that you needed me urgently one more time.”

We talked about everything again, and he gave me strength to endure all of it and not to lose faith. “It will only go on for a few more days. It must be so,”  he finally said.

The third night following that I felt my whole body go stiff. My face became twisted, and I felt fear. I thought, “A stroke!”  Suddenly I felt a slight breeze - and saw Bruno Gröning's head before me. At the same time, I heard his voice very clearly, “Don't be afraid. Endure. It must be!”

Right then, every bit of of tension left my body. My hand began to move back and forth. When I tried to hold it still with the other, it, too, began to move back and forth. Then my legs began to kick. Finally, my whole body thrashed about and caused the whole bed to shake violently. I began to sweat, which totally soaked me to the bone. Soon after, everything stopped.

I was freed from all pain, could move every one of my limbs, and was like a new born person.

My husband was very pleased. He believed in everything he saw but did not feel anything himself. He said that he, too, wanted to feel something. I should share a small piece of my experience with him.

Six weeks later, Bruno Gröning came to us once again to see how I was doing.  On that occasion - and in the presence of some guests - my husband left the room to climb the stairs. Suddenly he was unable to lift his legs. It felt as though some power was holding him rooted down. He returned pale and introverted to us.  Bruno Gröning asked, “Well, how was it out there. What happened? How are you doing right now?” My husband related his experience and remained quiet and withdrawn the whole evening. He was digesting what had happened to him. He had felt the power. He was convinced.


Gertrud Elisabeth Weidner (Hrsg.): Lichthort, Journal of  Universal God-Experience, dualistic Spirit-Realization and Esoteric Wisdom-Knowledge(Publisher for Esoteric Sciences, Markschalkenzimmern, Schwarzwald, 1960) Number 4, Page 154-156