Declaration in lieu of an oath


Ernst Kohn, 1955-06-18
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I, Ernst Fritz Hans Kohn, born on 8 January 1921 in Danzig-Heubude, now resident in D., H…straße 63, give herewith a declaration in lieu of an oath that Mr Bruno Gröning, born on 30 May 1906 in Danzig, resident in Plochingen/N., Stumpenhof, Im Dornendreher 117, declared the following in my apartment during our acquaintanceship as a neighbour in Danzig-Langfuhr, Magdeburger Str. 77, at the beginning of World War II: ‘Ernst, the war will carry on over a long period, Poland will be defeated and France just as quickly. Nevertheless, Germany will not be larger but smaller through its conquests. Germany will be subdivided.’ He then showed me the zone borders as they actually exist today.

Mr Bruno Gröning has already helped many people through his outflow of energy and gave prognoses that were always accurate. He even prophesied my mother’s death.

I already felt the effect of Bruno Gröning’s healing power during the years when we were neighbours in Danzig-Langfuhr. I have often been freed from pain, as has my wife, Frieda Kohn, née Pettke, who could also be witness to it after our marriage in 1940 and becoming acquainted with Mr Bruno Gröning.

I am aware of the significance of a declaration in lieu of an oath.

Ernst Kohn


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