Healing report: right-sided hearing loss (Letter to Bruno Gröning)


Elisabeth Schwerdt, Bielefeld, 12.5.1949
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May 12th, 1949

Mrs. Elisabeth Schwerdt
Bielefeld, Friedrichstr. 23 ground floor.

Dear Mr. Gröning!

I really feel the need to write you a few lines. Above all, it will be pleasing also for you, hearing that I am in an excellent condition. Back then, when I got to know you at family Klußmann’s, I was indeed in a very bad condition.

However, you were indeed able to heal my heart disease, which was caused by severe blood circulation problems, without further ado, and I must now, after almost three weeks realize that I feel ever better still daily.

And now to something completely different! Yesterday eight days ago, you were with us. During the conversation, I told you quite casually – further present there were Mr. Hülsmann and a gentleman from the press – about my two serious ear surgeries or chisellings, through which I had completely lost my right ear's hearing capability. At the time, the MD found a 4 mm long crack in the ear canal during a mirroring of my ear canal and made the to me very unpleasant notification that a recovery of the hearing capability were completely excluded.

Now, you will be amazed: On Tuesday evening, at 7 o'clock pm, I found, to the greatest pleasure of my parents and myself that after 20 years, I am again in a position to hear with the operated ear.

This, dear Mr. Gröning, I have only to thank you for. How much I am grateful to you for this, is not at all to describe in words. 
Equally well is my mother, who is being redeemed from her burdening neural pain (in her head), which had remained after a cranial nerves paralysis. From this, she suffered for two years and no MD was in the position to help her. 
We are at any time always very willing to provide personal information, as we have done this almost daily during last week to the press.

In gratitude kindly greets you 

Signed: Elisabeth Schwerdt

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