Healing report: cardiovascular disorders


Ingeborg Werder, Herford, 24.6.1949
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It appears Miss Ingeborg WERDER, Biemsen , Lockhäuser Str 11, 24 years (of age), and states the following:

For two years I suffered from cardiovascular disorders, expressed in heart pain, general weakness, and heat waves. With three doctors I was in treatment and got different varieties of medications, but nothing helped me.

In early May, I went to Mr. Gröning to let him heal me. Mr. Gröning told me that I had too viscous blood and my symptoms were attributed to that fact. He said I shouldn’t need to have any more worry, it would get all right. I should watch my body and tell him.

On the day of my healing, in the evening, I felt a tingling in the legs and feet and the legs were very heavy. The next day I felt good and from that time on, I got better day by day. I have no more pain, also the other symptoms are gone. I feel perfectly healthy.

Herford, June 24th, 1949



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