Healing report: rheumatoid arthritis


Erika Bonnet, Frankfurt/Main, 6.61957
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I am a professional dancer. I started dancing from childhood, visiting a ballet school. I completed the University of Performing Arts in Frankfurt/Main successfully within 4 years and worked afterwards in various theatres and after War I’ve got my very own dance group.

When I was 20 years old, in summer of 1948, I came down with rheumatoid arthritis. Within a few days my whole body got stiff and I was compelled to stay in bed for an entire year. Under excruciating pain I was transported from one hospital to another, where a number of medical specialists looked after me. Due to the treatment my pain partly subsided. As further treatment I got 7 ml. units of Penicillin that helped my arms to get slowly moveable again. But my legs and ankles, however, remained stiff. Unfortunately the future projection for my mobility was seen hopeless. After that I decided to drive to Gröning. 

During my hospital stay I read in several newspapers about Gröning’s healing successes and learnt on this occasion about his address. I wrote him straight away and got the reply that I shall come with the reference “T17” to Nicolaiplatz in Munich”. With walking sticks and support I hit the road under horrible pain. It was in the year 1950, when the rush of the sick was very big.

Many help seeking people gathered in front of the house. Through the positive answer in my letter I was allowed to enter.

All the sick and invalids were crowded together in one room. Every one of them received a tin-foil ball that each one of us shall concentrate on. Gröning told everyone that one should not think of their disease any longer, but that they should convert completely to believe in God and to trust HIM. His words emitted such a soothing serenity that it was totally relaxed to listen to his speech.

Through the ball that I held in my hand I already felt after a few minutes a strange sense of heat. I felt a warm flush in the body, which I found mainly pleasant at the affected joints. This reaction remained particularly strong in the back of my head. This pulling feeling radiated up to my cervical vertebra.

When he observed my disturbance, Mr. Gröning came straight away to me. He assured me that I would absorb his stream wonderfully and that it would be particularly good when the back of the head would get heavy. He gave me his hand whereupon I retracted mine straight away, as it hit me in that moment like an electric strike. It is not easy to describe what happened in my body.

After he ended his speech to the sick he invited me for an audience with him, due to the strong reactions I had. With my walking sticks and on Gröning’s arm we went to a secondary room where several men and women sat with shorthand pads. I was allowed to sit in Gröning’s high armchair. Even his armchair was quirky. The moment I sat in it, my entire body started itching. Now Gröning started to concentrate on me intensively. The feeling like being under constant electrical current became more and more strong. My left foot ankle got boiling hot and Gröning asked me then to try making slow foot circles. In this moment I screamed because I was still not able to realise that the pain released completely from that foot, that has been stiff before.

I realised that there were secret powers working and my restlessness remained. Meanwhile Gröning remained to take care of my poor knee joint and explained to me that he would give me a thought injection. For me those “injections” were completely unknown. He closed his eyes and took my right hand whilst his left hand touched my right stiff knee joint. What happened then was so strange that I was only able to compare my feeling in form of an example. It was like someone poured soda into the invalid joint and it would fizz up to the kneecap.

Gröning smiled about this droll explanation. He said a reflex of this kind can only be beneficial. He held my arms and for the first time I attempted to walk. Of course with his support, but without walking sticks. I tried for the first time – with his support of course, but without walking sticks. By sudden impulse, I put one foot before the other and I was able to walk faster through the room bit by bit. After that and to the surprise of all attendees I even balanced alone. Gröning told me that from now on I could throw away my walking sticks and that I got cured.

When I asked what I would owe him for this he answered me: “Don’t be thankful towards me, but be grateful to God!”.

At the same time he asked me to put the tin-foil ball under my pillow over night as the subconscious mind would absorb the power even more whereas the tin-foil ball itself would never loose its power.

My walking sticks I took with me as a souvenir.

Gröning further asked me when going to bed at my friends place in Munich to concentrate on him at 11 pm as this is the time he would concentrate on my remote healing. Exactly at this time the predicted reaction in my body started.

For some more days I stayed in Munich and again visited Mr. Gröning before my return to Frankfurt, as he wanted to try on me a new healing method, using a lunchbox shaped basket, brimmed with tin-foil balls. He was interested in finding out whether other diseased people would respond to the healing stream with this healing method more quickly.

I was asked to hold the box (that I still own today) in my hands whilst Gröning left the room. Due to the many tin-foil balls in it, the box emitted such a strong power that it almost pulled me to the ground. Not mentioning the tingling sensations, itches and heat. After a few minutes he asked how I was feeling. On this occasion he told me that he would give his sick visitors this box into their hands instead of only one tin-foil ball. He thought that I was particularly suitable as a medium. I am convinced that many people received help through this box.

One piece of advice he gave me by saying:

“Never stay in circles of faithless people because this hinders the healing process!”.

Furthermore I received a book “The Great Turnaround” from Dr. Kurt Trampler who I was able to talk to during my stay in Munich. He confirmed to me that Gröning also helped him with his healings.

My return to Frankfurt/Main (Moerfelden) created ripples. Even my general practitioner shook his head in astonishment when he saw me walking without walking sticks.

In 1955 I visited Gröning on the Stumpenhof in Plochingen to show him that I didn’t have got a recidivism in five years at which he laughed and explained me: “There is no regression when one has deep faith. One shall not REQUIRE but AQUIRE.

He gave me a horseshoe formed out of tinfoil that I should put on my knee over night so that the power could move through the poles directly into the joint line to promote the movability. I have shown him the tinfoil ball I received from him five years ago and he was happy that I carried it always with me. He gave me another tinfoil ball, however this time with a metal shell that was provided with a cross and his head. It is my constant companion as a so-called talisman ever since.

I cannot really tell people how lucky I am that Gröning gave me the power through God to be able to walk free of pain and without walking sticks.


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