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Bruno Gröning Foundation

The Bruno Gröning Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to documenting Bruno Gröning's life, work and ministry. 

The focus of its work is the development of an extensive document archive with transcripts and audio recordings of his lectures, healing reports written during his lifetime as well as historical texts and publications about Bruno Gröning himself.


Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959), from whom this charitable trust takes its name, first came to the attention of the public as a so-called "spiritual healer" in 1949 on account of spectacular healings.

At the high point of his activity, up to 30,000 people a day flocked to his talks, which were open to everyone and which he gave without any notes. After these talks, time after time, seriously ill people reported inexplicable healings. The national and international media carried frequent reports at that time on these successful healings of illnesses that continue to be regarded as incurable, and these healings have not yet been the object of any adequate scientific investigation. 

Bruno Gröning, a man of deep faith, constantly asserted: “There is nothing that cannot be healed –  It is not I who heals; the divine power, it helps, it heals! – God is the greatest physician!”

Today, more than half a century after Gröning’s death, the events concerning him continue to be of great interest to the public, and even today the reports of healings that have occurred as a result of following Bruno Gröning's guidance show no sign of stopping. An increasing number of people are showing an interest in well-researched and systematically organised information about the work of Bruno Gröning, and in having access to the historical sources that concern it.  

During the first years of his public activity, Bruno Gröning’s talks were recorded in shorthand. Later on, from 1955 to 1958, a large number of them were recorded on tape.
Apart from some short autobiographical texts, a few letters and several handwritten notes, Bruno Gröning did not produce any other written works.

The Bruno Gröning Trust promotes the preservation and continuation of Bruno Gröning’s life work and the systematic editing, archiving and proper scholarly documentation of historical sources, as well as full public access to these.

The Bruno Gröning Trust is a charitable organisation. The fulfilment of its statutory goals is made possible primarily through the donations of friends and supporters. The trust is independent and is not associated with any other group concerned with Bruno Gröning.


You can support the projects of the Bruno Gröning Foundation with a donation.



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