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Lectures by Bruno Gröning (EN)

A central position in the work of the Bruno Gröning Foundation is the publication of audio recordings of lectures by Bruno Gröning on CD or as a download. The sound of the historical recordings is optimised with the technical means currently available. Since the sound quality varies greatly depending on the condition of the original tape, the result of the restoration can also vary accordingly. So if there is any hiss, background noise or the like, this is due on the one hand to the existing quality of the original, and on the other hand to the fact that further processing carried out with justifiable means would take away too much of the original atmosphere. The latter contradicts the claim of a reproduction as true to the original as possible.

Lectures by Bruno Gröning on CD
Sale of lecture CDs with Bruno Gröning's original voice

Lectures and speeches by Bruno Gröning in text form
Transcripts of Bruno Gröning's speeches and lectures from 1949 to 1958

Lectures by Bruno Gröning as mp3 downloads 
Free mp3 downloads with the original voice of Bruno Gröning




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