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This translation is based on a german shorthand transcription of a talk by Bruno Gröning. The decision was taken to leave any grammatical or verbal slips in the German original unaltered, in order to preserve the authenticity of the source. In the English version these have mostly been corrected.
Bruno Groening often stated that he came to help everybody, regardless of their language, nationality, race or religion, and his intention was to transmit the healing energy to everyone on earth. He derived his teaching from that of Christ and therefore used the language of Christianity. However, this was in no way intended to exclude people of other faiths, who can transfer his teaching to the context of their own religions.

Talk by Bruno Gröning, Munich, Wagnerbräu 12.10.1950

“It is difficult to accomplish the purpose I have had up to now.”

It is difficult to accomplish the purpose I have had up to now. I am not departing from my purposes. I am leaving nothing untried so as to clear the way for you all. Sadly it is again the case today that I have been banned from healing people. This is not unknown to you. But I can certainly speak to you, since you all wish this, and as I do so I would like to leave nothing untried so as to give you more guidance on how it is possible to help people who have been caught up in a distressing situation, who have been gripped by an illness and cannot get rid of it. And that is why I am standing before you here, because I want to show you the way. That means that I am ready to help you. But every person who is seeking healing must know what is actually happening here.

Therefore: I am not being timid; indeed, I made it clear last year that I have put myself at the disposal of science, of medicine. In order to show them the way in which they can help people in an easy way; that is, heal them. For each one of them, as I was showing them the way, I was more of a role model. Today, you have come here as people seeking healing, to get rid of your suffering. As to how this is possible, I want to stand before you like a signpost and show you the way.

Just as you see the lightbulb in this room, so I see you. Here the lightbulb is fulfilling its purpose; it fulfils its purpose when it is giving out light, and indeed it can only give out light if it is receiving a current. That is, this current that is generated and comes from the power station, and is then conducted via a transformer – to the individual electric sockets.

I am not just giving you an image. But do imagine something for youselves. And here I was going to ask you to imagine that you were lightbulbs! A lightbulb as such fails to fulfill its purpose when it does not receive any current, that is, when the power supply to this lightbulb is interrupted in some way. Sometimes you as human beings are in a position to interrupt this current that is traveling to the lightbulb – with a switch which is also called a circuit breaker – and at other times it can happen that the power supply to this light – to this lightbulb – can be interrupted by human hands that have never been able to do something good and from which nothing good can be expected, since they are bad people. I call these bad people satanic. But in this matter I am a really good technician and I know how to trace and restore the connection that has been interrupted by satanic hands so that the lightbulb receives its current and the bulb therefore fulfills its purpose, which is to say that it only then has a right to exist. Otherwise it would be worthless. And so I am standing before you now as a little repairman, who knows how to restore this connection for you. And on the other hand I am standing before you like a transformer which in this case receives here the current from the divine power station which then, on the other side, gets passed on from the power station to the individual electrical sockets via the transformer. Is this understood?

And so I am conducting the current now to the individual power sockets. You are not unaware that there are several such transformers through which the current is brought back to the power station. Women too are not unaware of this; they will have seen the substations that house such transformers often enough. They either stand in the open or are built into shelters. Thus we have found here the correct way to show this lightbulb how it has its right to exist. Things are just the same with human beings.

For thousands of years, human beings have more and more lost their connection with this great divine power station and it is this connection that I want to put in place again. In the course of the years human beings have continually departed more and more from the true, divine faith and have consequently lost every connection to this divine power station.

So that you understand me better: As I have already said, there have already been bad people before now. These bad people, from whom nothing good can be expected, who have entirely fallen prey to Satan, can only do what is bad, and so we cannot expect anything good from these people. They have managed to lead human beings away from the true divine path. Today human beings find themselves on the wrong path. They no longer know what is in front of them and what is behind them. They no longer know what is good and what is bad. Everyone now has their own ideas, that is to say, in this time, in which you are living, you believe, or at least you used to believe, that it was right and proper for you to be this way.

You are satisfied if there are churches and chapels here and there, which you visit once a day or once a week or whenever, and you are satisfied that you are thus fulfilling your pupose, if you just go there once and rattle off your little prayer. For every person believes that they already have the proper connection with the divine power station. But that is not so. With all my heart I wish that people will become human beings that really have faith in God, that they will carry the true divine faith within them and will show this not with words but with deeds. For many people have this habit today and say, “I believe in this, I believe in that.”

Here no one needs to believe in Gröning. For me it is enough that I am on the path and cannot depart from this path, the path of helping human beings. The evidence for this has been there for a long time, not just since yesterday or today. No, it has been happening for years that people who were seriously ill have actually become well again and indeed most of you are not here out of curiosity but to get well again, to find health here. And this does not depend on me, but on each person themselves. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Do not promise me anything; not with words, but show it with deeds!

And here I can certainly with all justice take this up for myself, if I say: I am a role model for all human beings, because I show through my deeds that I am on the divine path and that it is my wish to guide all people onto this path. And so I am a signpost here, because I leave nothing untried in order to guide human beings back onto the true, divine path.

The bridge that led to this divine path had been destroyed, and it was therefore not possible for any human being to get onto this path again. Today the bridge is there again. Today you can walk over this bridge, and the bridge has been there since that day when I was dragged into the glare of worldwide publicity, even though I did not want it.

I have restored, for the people of this earth, the bridge that had previously been destroyed, and they can walk over this bridge.
You cannot show that you have faith in God only with words, as you have been in the habit of doing up to now. No, show it with deeds! If I only give you one piece of advice to take with you on your way:

Love your neighbour more than yourself!

That says a great deal. I don’t want to bore you here with a long speech or force so much into your poor heads, no. I will make it short and hope that you understand me. For, looking at it figuratively, it seems that man – as I said just now – is on the wrong path. Years ago – many, many years ago – he was led astray from the divine path, and the possibility of turning back onto this path was no longer available to him, because the bridge had been demolished behind him. And mankind today is just wandering about here because they no longer know – as I’ve said already – what is fake and what is genuine.

That is how it looks here: I only want to call back human beings as they are standing today before the abyss and say to them, they must not go any further, they are in imminent danger, and they may tread again the true, divine path, and that this is the connection to the divine power station. For I am not unaware that people, many, many people – and especially here in Bavaria – are very religious, but have never enshrined the true, divine faith in their hearts by giving evidence of their profession of faith, their faith in God, with deeds; just as they have done up to now only with words and promises.

I have spoken briefly with individual clergymen. We got straight to the point too when I said to them: “Reverend, you can’t preach every day in the same peaceful and straightforward way. No, it always depends on the people you’ve got in front of you; the distinction being whether they are good or bad.”
These clergymen could only agree with me, for they said: “Yes, that’s right; it’s not the same every day. There are many days on which I clam up and can hardly get a word out of my mouth.”

And then I told him that it simply depends on the people he has in front of him and the kind of thoughts or intentions they bring with them when they come to this place of worship. And there are days – as these clergymen also said – when they could speak so calmly and easily. Yes, on those occasions they definitely had good people in front of them, people who had faith in God.

I can only ask you as a human being to put the true, divine faith into practice. For someone can quickly give their word for anything at all, and just as quickly take it back again. Just as you are not unaware that there are people who have promised many things to you too in the course of their lives, but have mostly not kept their promises. And that is why I go on saying: If one or the other of you wants to be a helpful and good human being, they should let their deeds speak for them. They should just get on with it and not say: “I would like to help this person, they are in such a bad way.” They say this every day; not just once but countless times to whomever they happen to meet. But they never get round to actually helping this poor person, even though it would not be any bother to them to take the poor person by the arm. So, as far as human beings are concerned, the word – giving your word – is nothing. Indeed, these days they must have guarantees and say, “Come on, give it to me in writing!” And even then they don’t always get what was promised them in this piece of writing, and then they usually end up taking legal action and bicker with each other about it, and instead of being helped the poor person ends up getting thrown into even more misfortune. Human beings should really have put a stop to this and much else besides.

To give you an even better example: Let’s take a potato. Put this potato into water or onto a stone or anywhere you like; in a tree perhaps, or perhaps even in the stable or in your home or in the cellar, and say: “Now, grow and multiply”. Or take the potato and put it into the ground, into the earth. Work the ground well, and fertilize it too. You have to put a lot of work and effort into it if something is going to come of this one potato; that is, if it’s going to reproduce itself. For how would human beings live if the Lord God were suddenly to stop letting things grow or if this thought were to come into human beings’ heads and they believed that this would be just the right way to do it: A potato is a potato; it makes no difference whether I put it in here or over there. If you were to take away the natural earth from the potato and perhaps give it some artificial soil, because this belief comes into your head and you say: “It must grow and multiply here just as well as there;” that won’t work. And so to pursue the artificial path, in order to be able to live, is impossible.

We human beings must stay on the natural, the true, divine path, so that we then also hope for divine help. I know it is not easy for many a person, whose flesh and blood have been penetrated by material things to such an extent that they only feel good when they possess a lot of this.
But let us now go back to the light bulb once more, which only has its right to exist when it receives the current – in this case the current from the power station; in your case, as a human being, from the divine power station. Here too, I just want to restore the connection again – the connection to the divine power station – so that you too receive the divine current again, and I stand before human beings only as a transformer, who already knows how to distribute this current in just the right way. But how strange it is that people – that people in search of healing – just as for years now they have kept on coming to me again and again, suddenly began to say: “Strange, what’s this then? There is a current trickling through my body, which I have never felt in my life before.”

That is a sign that mankind with its human circuit boards, that is to say, with its organs, has been connected up again in such a way that it can again receive the natural, the divine current. It can happen that, out of a hundred people, one or ten – sometimes even more – do not feel this current straightaway. For this reason it would be wrong to ask me, in a general way, what I can heal. Here, it is a question of whom I can heal. I can heal the person... that is, not I, but I am only a mediator. I only show people the path they have to tread; because to heal as a human being – to heal a human being – is otherwise certainly impossible. But I am a mediator, in that I stand before you as a transformer and as a repairman – as I have already said – I am in a position to restore the connection. So long as you are able to receive the current, it is possible that through this current – that is, through this divine current – you can receive your health again.

I do not want to go too far into what has been brought to my attention during the last few days by people who have once again come from far and wide from Germany, even from abroad, and have been giving me reports about people who have been healed – people who were healed last year – and who are still in the best of health. I haven’t spoken personally either to one or the other of these people. They too stood in the crowds, just as you are able to sit here in this small group. It would be wrong, and it always has been wrong, for people to burden their poor heads with questions, which they put to me. Here you need to be receptive, so that you can receive the good, the divine.

For it is impossible; just start from practical examples. Take a bowl which is filled, it doesn’t matter with what, with some fruit, let’s say, that is standing, that is, has been standing, for days, and nobody has bothered about it, and nobody knew what to do with it, and it has become rotten. You can’t enjoy this fruit anymore. And now someone comes along and wants to give you new, good fruit. It would be really stupid if one were to place the fresh, new, the healthy fruit on top of the bad. Since this good fruit would end up in the same state that the bad is already in. If you want to have healthy fruit, you first need to throw away the bad, the unhealthy fruit that cannot be enjoyed anymore. And not only this, but you must also clean this fruit bowl itself so that it can receive the healthy fruit. Compare this – the bowl – with your body and the fruit with your sick organs, and the healthy fruit is what you are hoping for yourselves. But it is impossible if you cannot throw away the bad. Not being able to throw away, in this case, is when you are preoccupied with your illness!

When I say that your sufferings are mentally conditioned, then this also corresponds with the facts.

Not that I just want to assert myself alone. No, I have already been able to speak with many people about this – people of science, of medicine – and I made my point of view clear to them, and none of these people could bring anything against me on this matter and say that it does not correspond with the facts. I could even show you here and now that this is so, that you can hold on to your suffering in your thoughts, that is, mentally. And that is why it is absolutely essential to forget your suffering just for a moment, to throw it away and say: “No, I did not come here to hold on to this, but to get rid of it. – Yes and what should I do here now?”

Receive the new, health, take into yourselves the wave of current, the divine wave, don’t disturb it. You can disturb it if you are mentally and emotionally preoccupied with your illness and keep on going back to your suffering or the place where it hurts or even fall into doubt. I would like to single out just one case, how a few days ago a young women from Kiel gave me the report of a young man, whom I met last year in Schleswig, and indeed this young man was sitting in a wheelchair at the time. My words were: “It cannot go on like this. We have to walk and you get yourself driven around. Why should you have it better than us?”

He understood the joke. It was really not meant like that. As far as I am aware, this young man had a straightforward paraplegia; and so he was not able to walk anymore. And a few minutes later he got up and left the wheelchair. Still with crutches, to begin with, which he had placed next to him, and then I said to him: “You didn’t come into the world with those. I also walk without crutches, that is, I also had to walk with them once, but not for long.”

At this, he threw them away and, a few days later, he was seen by this woman and her mother, as he was climbing a mountain without crutches. The doctor who had been treating him and who was not inclined to speak well of me, also became a different person, and also expressed the deep wish, and other doctors too, that I should also visit him sometime. I am delighted when, here and there, there are people who are willing to collaborate with me for the sake of this good work. This healing occurred one year ago and this person is still in the best of health today. These people subsequently visited this former invalid in his home, and he had hung up his crutches there – as I had said –, one crossed over the other, and had tied a ribbon to them.

So whether it’s in this straightforward case or even in a difficult one – for once I want to play dumb – where it had previously not been possible for the person to be able to walk with their own legs, they are now walking again. And no one at all can dispute it: When I was dragged from Herford into the glare of worldwide publicity last year, many people who were seeking healing found their health again.

Please ask one of these people whether they had to give me one penny for this, or whether I even spoke about money. It cannot be disputed anymore; they can’t wipe me out anymore. They can’t say anymore: “That’s not true.” For if I say to you: I would already have my right to exist if I had actually healed just one person that year, just one!

Now at least I have the opportunity to follow these things up, that is, to ascertain which people got their health back already a year ago now, or even further back, and still find themselves in the best of health today.

If someone has said: “Admittedly, Mrs. Franz became healthy while she stood in the crowd, but it did not last long.” That is not my fault; for my will and my way look different. Here is the best indication that Satan is at work and is leaving nothing untried to take away once more the good and divine from human beings. And if I tell you this, that it is true that Satan, for as long as he has existed, has left nothing untried, is leaving nothing at all untried, to destroy the good, the divine, over and over again.

Please think more and more about these things yourselves, that there are people who have the urge to destroy and who don’t want their fellow human beings to have a healthy eye in their head. On the contrary. They dare to go on saying: “It doesn’t matter that things are like this for Mrs. Meyer. It is a punishment from God.” To this I can only say, “Ugh! How disgusting!” that someone besmirches the Lord God with something like this and puts Him in a completely false light. For whoever is good, just like, in this case, the Lord God, only does good, gives nothing bad to human beings on their path. Since for this we have Satan, who has found a place in individual human bodies. Indeed, one often says as a human being: “That one’s Satan himself, they’re a bad person.” And from this bad person you cannot expect that they should do anything good. And even when they do, they’re only putting a good facade on their foul play. They deceive, they blind you and make out that they want to do good. In reality they only want to lure you into their trap.

Here I’m briefly going back again to a previous point: It’s In just this way that human beings have been drawn away from the true divine path. Give me the name of one person, who is bad, and who has done a single good deed. These bad people are also known to the government of a state and to its subordinate organs, the police, because it’s always these same people who do bad things and who receive their punishment for it from human beings. It is clear that this is right and just. But nevertheless a person who only wants to do good should not be punished as well. Or if something is incomprehensible to people, then they can’t simply, without further ado and without convincing themselves of it, pass over it and say: “What that fellow wants is just a load of nonsense. He must be punished.” A mother will certainly not punish her child when it does something good. Or would you do that?

Would you do something bad or say something bad to your relative if they are doing something good for you? But if they are doing something bad, what then? Yes, I also want to say this as well. Here too I want to leave nothing untried to lead human beings who have found themselves on the wrong path back onto the right one and say: “Stop! What you have done so far was wrong, it was not good. And love your neighbour more than yourself!”

There must be order. But even here as well. Again, it would also surely be easier for the police and the whole apparatus of government if people would, suddenly or gradually, only do good. Then too no one would have the fear any more that things are degenerating into something bad. Mankind would also no longer have their fear or, what amounts to the same thing, go to war. Here too that last thing, that one little word “war”, so that people today are already just lying there like wrecks as they say: “Now, after all our work, all our effort, and now everthing is going to be destroyed again.” And if I have said: “What are you thinking of, has the war already started? Why are you already worrying yourselves about it today? Just wait, nothing is happening yet. And even if the preparations are perhaps already in place, that still doesn’t mean that war is already standing at the door and that people should already be getting worried.”

I would like to list for you the people who have already become like headless chickens today. War! Here I would also like to ask you all: If you meet people who are already worrying themselves over what’s going to happen later, please take this worry from them and ask whether or not they can change anything by doing this. I can understand very well that people often fall into an agitated state, that they suddenly feel uneasy and do not know where it comes from. Here I would ask you: Just look to your left, and look to your right, or have a good look at the person who is in your vicinity, and then observe them once again. For you cannot tolerate every person. There are people who people cannot tolerate and these are bad people. Bad things emanate from these bad people, and they have an immediate effect on good people. And at this moment it is this that puts you in an agitated state. Just observe this once very carefully, then you too will understand what’s going on and will say, as you have also already said: “I cannot stand him, or him, but I can stand the one sooner than the other. But that one, no, I do not want to see that one in my house anymore. I also do not want to come into contact with that one anymore.” And these are people from whom bad things emanate.

To examine this further, please now take a container, let’s say a bucket, with clear water and one with bad water. Whether or not you hold your nose over them, you will nevertheless realize that one of these is bad, and this bad one gives off a bad odour, so that things might become bad for you too when you are near it. Even bad water can make people sick soon enough. So how would it be now, or how is it anyway, if there is now a bad person in your vicinity?

Amongst these people there is a variety of smells, a variety of emanations, of which you have been more or less aware. I do not know whether, as a clean person, you feel comfortable when dirt and grime is all around you and your body, when something nasty emanates from it, whether you can take joy in your life, whether you can feel comfortable at all? I don’t believe it! You would lose your appetite for everything, even for eating, you would not even be able to sleep in such conditions. So we must see to it that there is an order – a cleanliness. Until now, people have only taken thought for a clean life and believed that they could lead a clean life if they kept everything around them clean, that is, their living quarters, their clothes, their laundry and their outer body.

They still have not taken thought for what’s inside them and for their spiritual body. They’ve left this for others. And if a person is outwardly clean and healthy and inwardly filthy and sick, if they are bad, then you also cannot expect anything good to emanate from this person. Indeed some of these people have illnesses that are infectious, very infectious even, so that one person can infect another with their illness.

Just take an example from everyday life, as I say again: “A potato”. Take this one potato, which is bad and sick, and even if it’s only started to become rotten, put it amongst the good potatoes; right in the middle. What happens if you don’t remove this sick, this rotting potato straight away? At some point, the rot begins to spread as the entire potato rots away and all the others that are lying next to it become infected and also begin to rot. And so it goes on spreading further and further, if you don’t put in the work and make the effort to remove these sick ones, then all of them rot away. It certainly costs a deal of work and trouble. People also waste quite a bit of time. But there is no need to shy away from this time, this work and this effort; for this is part of human life.

Things are no different when, in a family of several persons, it doesn’t matter how many, one of them is ill, for this one ill person makes the whole family ill along with them. He infects them, both with a physical infection as well as a spiritual infection, in as much as the sick person is always complaining and feeling sorry for themselves, they let themselves go and take the vitality and zest for life from the other people they live with. In this situation, then, the healthy person, or people, if there are several of them, busy themselves with the one sick person, commiserate with them more and more, instead of helping them up. First one person was sick, and now they are all sick. And if one or the other of these family members is still able to move about, they have, nevertheless, also become sick and have been emotionally burdened in such a way that, inside, they can also become like a wreck.

Briefly said: Through their self-sacrifice, they have lost their appetite for so many things, for eating, for drinking. They find no peace any more, and so they do even more things, for they must be doing things, in order to help this sick fellow human being, which is something they are not in a position to do. As a consequence all the organs, both internal and external, are affected, and sooner or later they no longer count as healthy people, but can already be counted amongst the sick. With these people it’s just like if you imagine a tree, where the bark is healthy and the trunk is already rotten. Here you are, admiring the tree, and a small gust of wind that moves it causes it to fall. Then it used to be a tree, a good, beautiful, charming, perhaps even a blossoming tree. So please, in the future, do not only look to the outside, but also to the inside, the organs and the soul.

People have thought about this before now, more or less. Already little Fritz shows us how human beings in general can be tempted, when at Christmas he asked his daddy to give him a gold-plated nut. He was not concerned with the good kernel but with the outside, with the beautiful. But as I have already said before, we human beings also need to think about spiritual food – food for the soul – in order to become human again. If we do not know how to help ourselves with this, then, sooner or late, we too will be lost.

It is also not unknown to you, if you or one of the people you know or one of your realtives who is ill has gone to a doctor and this ill person had no faith in the doctor. If he was a good doctor, someone who could be called a soul doctor, that even then they were already saying in advance: “Nothing will come of it”. And so nothing did come of it. If we human beings cannot have faith in each other, then we are also cutting ourselves off from life itself. Trust, before all else, must be put back in place again. For if you, as a human being who is disposed to illness, do not have a good family life, you can be wherever you like. If you have been away somewhere to convalesce and, shortly before your day of departure, you think about home, where things are not so rosy, then you fall back again into your old emotional and mental suffering. That is also obvious. But how good it would be, if one could have a good home, that is, if all the members of the household worked with each other hand in hand. Instead of one of them making life difficult for another, they make it easy. Not tell them only bad stories but, on the contrary, help them up emotionally and mentally. Thus this person will then find themselves on the path of hope and say: “Someone wants me to become healthy. It will happen soon. I have faith.” Here too I can give plenty of evidence that – if the surroundings of the individual sick person were not free of dissent or objections, or if allowing themselves only to be pitied and commiserated had already become part of their flesh and blood – then they also cannot be helped, they also cannot be brought onto the good, the healthy path.

So for this reason don’t pose the question, what I can heal, but whom I can heal. And I want to help human beings to a healing, in as much as I show them the good path – such as only the divine path can be.

You are not able to give out light any more! You are not able to live any more! For you have had the connection to the divine power station removed. I myself want to put it back in place again, I want to show you this good, the divine path, on which you are also dependent, so that you can assert and affirm yourselves as human beings. I want no more than this. I do not stand before people to act big, perhaps, or to boast, or perhaps to present myself as the one and only and say: “It is only possible for me, that’s right, it has only ever been possible for me and it will always be that way too!” And it will also be possible for many more people, if they find the connection with me and support me in this. Just as I have already demonstrated this on various occasions. But it would be going too far, and it would also be premature, to talk about this, for there is enough evidence there already. And I am not standing before you here to tell you a load of nonsense.

I would like to ask anyone who has not understood me to speak up. If they would be good enough to say: “I am speaking unintelligibly and that does not throw light on anything for me.” I’m allowing myself this once to ask this question and I just ask you to give me an answer, that is, to say it, that it is unintelligible for you or that it is a load of nonsense.

So nobody speaks up. That’s just the way it is: To whom the Lord God gives a task, to them he also gives understanding. And this is just the way it is: If nobody has realized this yet and one person does know it, then they have the duty to communicate this to their fellow human beings, to tell them, to lead them too, onto the path that they consider the right one. And whomever it does not suit to set out on this path, well, they don’t need to come, they can stay at home. For I myself, right up to the present day, have not summoned one single person, though hundreds of thousands of people seeking healing, sick people, have only written, have begged me that I should give them an answer. I did not get it done, for I was certainly not able to manage it, and, on the other hand, the means to do so have not been put at my disposal, because here too satanic people were at work again, who only wanted to make a business out of this and set about doing so. That is, where people had enclosed perhaps their very last penny in this little letter in which they were asking for my help, these people appropriated it for themselves. While they went on declaring with words, they wanted to do good here, they wanted to clear the way to the sick for me or vice versa. So far nothing of all this has happened.

But I certainly do not need to summon sick people, whether in Germany or even from foreign countries, that is, from our neighbours. “Foreign” sounds so strange to me, as if these human beings are not human beings at all. Every person loves their country, their garden, their clothes, their property. But for this reason envy should not become so great in this matter as well, in as much as people would perhaps presume to say:

“Only we Germans.” Equally a Russian person can say “Only we Russians...” and an English person: “Only we English are human beings” or an American person: “ Only we are human beings.” No, that would be wrong. We are all human beings; the only difference being that the earth is divided up in such a way that one individual cannot rule over it as a human being, divided in such a way that people have countries, such as here, Germany is a small speck of earth. But the smaller the person, the smaller the country, the bigger the mouth; one of them has to be big. It must always remain this way and be this way, as is right. One must verify everything, leave nothing untried to verify it, and never push aside perhaps our fellow human beings from neighboring countries.

For I myself have never asked anyone what religion they belong to, nor have I asked them which nation they belong to. For me, every person was and is and will always be the same. I do not ask whether they are poor or rich, to me every person is the same. I say it again as I did before: “For this reason I do not need to call, they will be received just as they come.” Where would I possibly find the time, if I were to call people as well, no!

Even if I’m just on my way out of the house, and whether or not they are personally known to me, all I need to do is wish them a good day and then what ought to happen happens, so that people say: “I have no pain anymore, I can walk, I can see” and so on. It is clear that people have to get a good and a quiet feeling. I do not want to praise myself on this account. But if a person is in their vicinity who only intends to do good and will develop even further what he has already accomplished. I have also run up against opposition on the odd occasion; that is, people have often heckled me from the sidelines. But in such cases they had been drinking or were possibly even completely drunk, so no longer clear-headed, and also there were those who were no longer of sound mind anyway. But they are few and far between, it’s not worth mentioning; there are always things like this.

But the day before yesterday it happened that a small group of people had been organanized in order to cause distress to these people who were seeking help – perhaps even Mr. E.1 – or my insignificant little person. They were downright troublemakers; there were even elements who had been hired for the job, people who had allowed themselves to be tempted by this satanic money.

There are people, then, who leave nothing untried to make a business out of everything. Just take a deeper look into life, at what people have not left untried in order to make a business out of every kind of filth. And that means danger for all human beings. I call the people who find themselves on this path gangsters. I will not only have a great deal to say about this, but I will also have a great deal to write about it as well, how these people were encouraged and how these people left nothing untried to make a business out of every kind of filth. You are not unaware of this. You too often say: “That is a shameless person. First he only wants to look at you, then he wants the little finger, then he takes the whole hand and with that the whole person.” And it is obvious that such people are at work, people who leave nothing untried to disturb the peace on this earth. That they can then lead a quiet, healthy and happy life, that is then impossible.

I hope that you have understood me here with these brief explanations of mine. And now you must do your part as well. Not that I want to startle you, when I say: I get this confirmed again and again, little by little, when I follow up these cases of illness where people have become healthy again. When I ask: “What did you experience when you showed up there amongst these crowds of people?” The one and the other of them always confirm the same thing, which is also the right thing. They knew why they had come and they also received what they had hoped for themselves. There were also some individuals who did not receive it. They were inquisitive and busied themselves with quite other things, which had nothing to do with it. It is just as unpleasant, when you happen to be in church, if you think about your business affairs or look to the right and left to see what one or the other person is wearing or even if you gossip about them too.

Each person has to deal with themselves and should not concern themselves with others. But if they are concerned, then they should be concerned in such a way that they stand by this person with assistance and advice, they help him. That is more beautiful, better, it is right.

There was a lady in the Goethesaal the other day with her husband. He had a laughing fit. He had felt nothing! And now it goes on developing further, as he feels a total warmth in his whole body, as he has a tingling sensation; pains that he had never had before. His wife couldn’t properly understand it. I said: “Leave your husband at home.” Indeed she had had to worry over her husband for enough years. It is clear that a woman such as this is like a headless chicken.

And so these people must gradually be given something more to take with them on their path, so that they know what is going on. The woman asked for distant healing.

Her husband has already been given so much to take with him on his path. He has absorbed so much current. He has the connection, so that he can continually receive this healing wave, just as the light bulb continually receives its current. But why should I tell you more and more about all these things? That is unimportant. What is important is that you at least know how to conduct yourselves in this matter.

And so that you understand me better, I would not like to fail to give you something else to take with you on your way, something that will also be easily understood by you: I was saying, if I had told you about thirty years ago: “There is this thing called a radio; if a person here in Munich or further away, in Berlin, let’s say, or anywhere abroad, speaks, then you can hear them by means of this radio,” you would then certainly have replied: “You’re cuckoo!” Today people take it for granted. But it is unheard of, and it is certainly not necessary, for you to carry your radio to the radio station in order to hear the transmission from there. You stay firmly put at home and turn it on at home. You can then receive whatever one or the other radio station is broadcasting. But you can never decide for the station what it should broadcast. It broadcasts its own programme; something for everyone. And that is how I broadcast my programmme as well, as if I were placing myself before you as a transmitter, and you are the receiver; here too, something for everyone. You only have to tune yourselves in to it. When you switch your radio set to one or the other radio station, you can then receive its transmission, and it’s just the same here.

And hence this constant acknowledgement from people: “I didn’t know this. At home I receive even better than when I was with him; it’s much, much stronger.”
And when they have crossed over into health, then it becomes weaker and weaker. When the jar is full, you can’t pour anything else in, otherwise it spills over. And when the body is full, you can’t receive any more, otherwise you would burst, perhaps, or even burn up.
You are also not unaware of how you can switch on your radio, but “It’s garbled”, that is, it’s not switched on to a radio station. You cannot then receive any radio waves either. It’s clear that you need to switch yourselves on to the radio station!

I do not want to be nosy and question you, but there are many among you here who have already received a great deal of guidance here on their path and should not therefore despair, but should listen instead more and more intently to what is inside, feel it more precisely. And both at home or wherever you happen to be, receive more so that you can get rid of your illness. For the further you go, the better and firmer the path becomes, the more sure-footedly you walk, for you could not walk at all when you first came into the world. Things take time here. Just as when you say: “That is an apple tree, but there are no apples on it yet.” For it needs its own time. And when there is an apple on it, you can’t enjoy it yet, you must wait until it’s ripe. So all things take their time in this way, just as they do here.

I hope that you have understood me, that you have realized what my will and my way is. If you yourselves have this will and strike out on this path that I have pointed out for you, then all your wishes will also be fulfilled. For you cannot live like this without being connected to the divine powerstation. For just try to detach another living being, a tree, say, or a bush, from nature so that it should grow, blossom and flourish in a room, that is impossible.

As living beings of this earth, you are dependent on the divine in order to exist at all. You are a creature of nature, that is, I do not exclude myself. On the contrary! And because you are dependent on this and as yet you have had no operating instructions, I want to give them to you with these few words of mine to set you on your way. And with this I wish you all the best for your future life, and tune your own equipment, the equipment inside you, into the good, divine station.

I ask you not to leave your seats right away, on the contrary. I would ask you to wait a while. Now more than ever, more than you have ever done before, be attentive to what is inside you, to what continues to happen in and on your body. For how wonderfully a person can be helped, when I find myself on the best path.

Just think back briefly: You arrive in a town or in any kind of place, you have to get to a specific destination and do not know the way. Consequently you ask the first likely person who comes towards you how you can get to this destination. Otherwise you would wander around. And it would take a long time before you got to your destination. But in this case it’s like this: Here stands the signpost, that is already pointing out the path for you, so that you can never lose your bearings. And so I too stand before all human beings as a signpost, just as many signposts have already been set up by human beings. For otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to bring you quickly and safely to your destination. And that is why I must show human beings this path, the path that they have to walk in order to arrive quickly at their destination. I am nothing more than this and I never wanted to be more than this. For, as a signpost, I would not want people to hang decorations on me and cover me with honours. Then other people would no longer be able to find the path. I must let them walk on past me as I stand here and say: “There is the path!” Just like here, just as I have shown you this path in words, I have pointed out this path to you just as clearly and that only this one is the one and only right path. And with this a great deal, and with this everything, has been achieved.

When I look back to my childhood, I was very often in the woods then and I knew all about them. I knew where there were lots of berries, where there were lots of mushrooms, so that I always said to people who were wanting to look for mushrooms and or to look for blueberries: “Go over there into that copse or over there into the forest.” I can describe the path to you, where you do not need to go searching for a long time and where you have soon found what you are looking for. Just as I am doing here, so everywhere, in every place, I stand beside every person ready to help with advice and assistance. And if you are willing to help with this, the goal would be reached much, much faster. It would be much, much easier and every person would take much, much more joy in life than before.

And with this I want to bring my talk as a humble “repairman” and “transformer” to an end for you for today – not for all time, no – by warmly recommending to you again this one thing, that you set out on this path, and you will then find what you are looking for; which here, in this case, is your health. All the best!

I ask for your attention a moment!
I have just been speaking with a young person who has just reported to me that he was not able to walk last year, apart from when he was on crutches. And his father came to the mass gatherings at the Traberhof. There and then he prayed that his son at home would become healthy. And when he came home, he just brought an alluminium foil ball with him for his son. And as the young man goes on to report to me, a current immediately ran through is body, and his limbs became warm, and today he is now able to move about without crutches. This little fainting fit was due to the fact that he was feeling the same reaction again, in as much as this current was running through his body again and he more or less collapsed.

“Were you unconscious?” – “Yes, I actually collapsed unconscious!”

I only didn’t want to say before now: “It is good that it happens like this.” Since you would not have been able to understand me at the time.

Things like these, such as they occurred in the case of this young man, are only to be welcomed. In Herford, when it was all beginning to get going there in the full glare of publicity, many people collapsed unconscious on that day, so that those standing near them thought they were dead. No! They just felt this current very powerfully and then the change took its course in and on their bodies. Time and again, it’s always the same thing. Whenever it grips a person this strongly, it always results in a full recovery.

I myself am not in a position to declare one or other of those seeking healing healthy again. For they should receive, yes, but they may not demand anything. For I do not demand anything from human beings either. I want neither money nor good words. What I want is to free them from their suffering and point them to the true, divine path.

FREIE ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT BRUNO GRÖNING [INDEPENDENT BRUNO GRÖNING WORKING GROUP] (Ed.): Das Tor zum Weg [The Gate to the Path] (Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim, 1969)


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