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Your donation helps us!

The Bruno Gröning Foundation has set itself the task of making accessible the historical sources by and about Bruno Gröning from the time of his work, true to the original and without alterations. You can contribute to the costs of CD and book production.

Support the Bruno Gröning Foundation in financing its projects:

  • Production of books with transcripts of Bruno Gröning's lectures in German and other languages.
  • Production of books with translations of eyewitness accounts into other languages
  • Sound revision / publication of further original lectures by Bruno Gröning
  • Archiving / documentation of emerging documents by and about Bruno Gröning
  • Publication of previously unpublished documents

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Please note: In the past, there have been appeals for donations to the Bruno Gröning Foundation via internet sites which have no traceable connection to the Foundation. The same applies to the payment options stated there. Please only use the payment methods listed above or contact the Foundation beforehand!

Donations to the Bruno Gröning Foundation are tax deductible. You will receive a corresponding donation receipt on request.

We thank you very much for your valuable support of our work!


You can support the projects of the Bruno Gröning Foundation with a donation.



In the online shop you have the opportunity to purchase CDs and books with lectures, reports by contemporary witnesses and publications about the life and work of Bruno Gröning.